Sunday, July 5, 2009

Personal Reaction on the Short Story,Dead Star

(by Charmaine Mae B. Bombita)

The story was about a man named Alfredo Salazar who fell in love with another woman named Julia Salas but he was already engaged at that time with his fiancee Esperanza.He was confused between the two of them.Then he was about to choose between the two options: to do what he should or to do what he wants.In the end he choose to marry Esperanza and Julia the girl of his dream was like a dead star.In the story dead star symbolize a dream for something that not exist.When, I read the story I realized that our life always faces burdens, challenges and confusion.We should know how to handle this things.We should be careful in making decision in our life think several times before making decision because it may cause disappointment.In love not always what we want is right.Sometimes things are not meant to happen.In the story love that Alfredo feel with Julia is not right because at that time he was already committed with Esperanza.Although he think that he love Julia than Esperanza at the end he realize that he has no longer feelings with Julia.Julia is just a part of his life in the past and she is dead star in his life.Love will just come in our life anytime and it is so unpredictable.Sometimes it causes heartaches but in the other way it help us to be complete as a person.

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