Sunday, July 5, 2009

Personal Reaction on the Short Story, Dead Stars

(by Kristine Carla A. Asido)

Would you like to travel and find out what the future might be? What do you expect or hope to see in that future world? I do believe these are the things which kept on circulating on Alfredo Salazar's mind of Paz Marquez Benitez’ Dead Stars during the times of chaos—confusion as to with whom will he find his future as marvelous as he wants it to be, with Esperanza or with Julia? Indeed, the short story fascinated me as a teenager. Perhaps, I was once stuck into a situation like that—me as Julia. (Note: I was once..was) But then, we’ve got our own version. I just found the story somewhat similar with what I used to get my heart and mind in dilemma. We did not have an ending just like what the Dead Stars had. Young and neophytes as we were, we had come up with a decision, which was the result of the succeeding scenarios in our own life. Those circumstances can be associated with the twists in Koreanovelas, Mexicanovelas and the like. I, myself, never thought, time will come, I will be faced to the complicated world of a triangle. Sulutan? World War III? Naaaah... There's no such thing. After all, everything ran so smooth--was "handled with care". At the end of the day, I just found myself on the right track. Upon reading the short story, I felt like I really did what was just right. Am I the "dead star" in our short story? I think... I'm not. I don't know. Yeah.. It was a triangle but then, their story ended the way young lovers do. He fell in love with another girl during their rocky months. Who else could that girl possibly be? haha!! Hey! Please, don't misinterpret it as if I am proud being "the other girl". Despite that fact, I stood as his friend. Never did I follow the saying, Grab the opoportunity. I believe that would just be a foolish act on the part.. childish, selfish.. But, I am not like that. I adviced him not to quit--not to end their relationship and work things out. It was not my intention to ruin their relationship--never!! All I am after is for friendship. My friends can attest to that. What did I do wrong as his friend? I did not do anything wrong, indeed. It's just that, they were not able to continue any further due to according to him, individual differences. I have nothing to do with that. After their break-up, still, I did not entertain him for it seemed awkward on my part. Besides, I do believe, I'm not yet ready to get into a relationship. Thus, we remained friends.. but inevitable circumstrances flourished between us which made our story even more complicated. We ended up with us, back to being strangers in each other's eyes. I was Julia in the said triangle but I guess, I wasn't the dead star in our own version. haha!! I don't know. Maybe not.. Maybe yes.. But what's important is that we've became stronger individuals by saying goodbye. Life goes on. Still, I am living life with so much zest. The short story was great!! I love it. Aside from the fact that somehow, I was able to relate on it, I love it because the story was somewhat filled with mystery. The scenes were erratic, even the title itself is filled with mystery. Indeed, sometimes, it's not really love that each one of us feel. It is just the feeling of happiness which developed into a habit..Paz Marquez Benitez is a legend in the field of Philippine literature. Excellent job to Miss Paz Marquez Benitez..=))

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